Renewing Dillon Beach: A Painting and Remodel Project in Marin County

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Undertaking a painting and remodel project in Dillon Beach posed unique challenges due to its proximity to the sea, exposing the structure to high humidity, salt, and other environmental factors. Leveraging our experience and expertise, we formulated a comprehensive strategy to ensure lasting results. Utilizing premium Sherwin Williams materials, we fortified the exterior against coastal elements, confident that our work would endure for years to come.

Project Overview

Environmental Considerations

The coastal location of Dillon Beach demanded meticulous planning. Given the area’s high humidity and salt exposure, we implemented a specialized approach to withstand these challenges effectively.

Surface Preparation

The siding and trim of the property had existing primer, but we added an extra layer to bolster protection against salt and humidity, essential for longevity in coastal regions.

Detailed Painting Strategy

  1. Comprehensive Protection Before commencing work, we meticulously covered windows, plants, floors, and the roof to shield them from overspray and potential damage during the painting process.
  2. Sealing for Adherence We applied a layer of sealer using a combination of spraying and rolling techniques to ensure optimal adhesion and durability, crucial for withstanding coastal conditions.
  3. Caulking for Waterproofing To safeguard against moisture and rain, we applied caulking to all wood joints, effectively waterproofing the surfaces and preventing rot.
  4. Two Layers of Finish Our process included the application of two layers of finish using advanced spraying and rolling methods, delivering exceptional quality and durability tailored to coastal environments.
  5. Thorough Cleaning We concluded our work with a comprehensive cleaning of the entire area, ensuring a pristine finish and leaving our clients with a seamless experience.

Why Sherwin Williams?

Sherwin Williams emerged as our preferred choice due to its specialized formulas designed to withstand high-humidity and salt-laden environments. Their innovative coatings provide long-lasting protection against moisture, salt, and other coastal challenges, ensuring the longevity of our paintwork.

Benefits of Multiple Coats of Primer

Applying multiple coats of primer serves several purposes. It promotes a more uniform color and appearance, particularly when covering dark or bright colors. By establishing a neutral base, the primer enhances the vibrancy and true-to-tone appearance of the topcoat. Moreover, multiple coats of primer extend the life of the paint job, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups or repainting.

Location Insight: Dillon Beach, Marin County

Dillon Beach is a picturesque coastal community nestled in Marin County, California. Situated on the northern coast of the Point Reyes Peninsula, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it offers stunning vistas and a range of outdoor recreational activities. Positioned approximately 60 miles north of San Francisco and 30 miles west of Napa Valley, Dillon Beach attracts visitors seeking the natural beauty of Northern California’s coastline.


At Lavish & Sons, we undertake painting and remodeling projects across Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties, specializing in transforming properties in challenging coastal environments. This project in Dillon Beach exemplifies our commitment to excellence, utilizing premium materials and expert techniques to deliver lasting results. If you’re considering a painting or remodeling endeavor, contact us today to discover how we can enhance and protect your home or commercial space.

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